Waiver and Release of Liability Form 免責條款

Waiver and Release of Liability Form

I (Full name: ________________________________, HKID: ___________________) am voluntarily participating in this activity/course which may take place at any time and training location (whether rented or owned by the company Hong Kong Rock Climbing Training Centre Ltd.).

I understand that zip line, abseiling and rock climbing are extreme sports and are dangerous in nature. I understand that I am fully responsible for my own personal safety. I, my family, heirs, representatives, executors and/or licensors, hereby waive and exempt Adventure Explore Ltd. (including all its present and future personnel, the person in charge, staff representatives, licensors, executors, families and all other relevant persons) from any and all liability, claims, and demands. I understand that Adventure Explore Ltd. will not be held responsible for any of my personal loss, damage or injury (either physical or mental), including death, sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, arising through negligence, whether through direct and /or indirect means.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge, I am free of any injury, illness and infection. I am not currently suffering from any heart disease, asthma, shock or any other serious illnesses.

** Please inform us if you require any special attention: _________________________________

In case of emergency, please contact
Name: ______________________
Relationship: _________________
Phone: ______________________

Witness: _____________________
(Organizer / unit, title, name)

Signature: ____________________

Date: ________________

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本人 (姓名:____________________
身份証號­­碼:____________________ ) 自願參與此活動/課程, 而此活動可在任何時間及環境訓練地點 (不論本公司租借和擁有)進行。

本人明白飛索/攀岩/沿繩下降活動為一危險性活動,而本人將完全自負所有安全責任。本人和本人的家屬, 承繼人, 代表, 執行人, 授權人, 謹此聲明放棄追究和免除香港攀岩訓練中心有限公司(包括現在和將來的負責人, 職員代表, 授權人, 執行人, 家屬和一切有關人員)的所有責任和追討事宜。本人明白Hong Kong Rock Climbing Training Centre Ltd. 將不會爲任何因疏忽而直接及/或間接而引致的個人損失,身體損傷(包括生理上和精神上),疾病,死亡和任何財物損失負責。

就本人所知,沒有任何疾病, 沒有心臓病,哮喘,突然休克和其他特別嚴重病症。

如有需要特別關注者,請注明: ____________________________________


姓名: ____________________
關係 : ___________________

見証人: _____________________
主辦機構/單位, 職銜, 姓名)



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